Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring in full swing

Spring has come on quick with all its might this year.  One minute the garden is asleep and the next, well weeds as tall as hedging plants.  Trying to keep up is always a challenge but a satisfying task as the plants stretch out from their winters sleep.  Seeing the return of perennial plants helps give the garden some volume and fills the ground around the backbone planting of shrubs.  It also serves to remind me that the blank square footage that I've been eyeing during the winter is really occupied.  Thankfully, the voles seems to be on the retreat this year as more plants have survived there winter foraging.  Maybe the controlled baiting has worked or they just moved to pastures new, tried of my constant prodding. Either way I'll take this moment until they begin to see my defenses drop and complacency kick in.  Mother nature always has a way of throwing the curve ball when you don't expect it.

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