Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Brit's in Print

I did it!  Yep, I finally managed to get into print at one of America's top gardening publications, Fine Gardening.  A while back I submitted a piece that was accepted for the Southeast's feature called 'Plant this, not that' and now its out for the world to see.  Its quite the feather in the cap to think that from the humble beginnings of this blog, I have stepped up my game and gone national with my writing.

With this week marking 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's famous speech at the foot of the Lincoln memorial, it seems fitting to admit that I also have a dream.  Mine though is far less ambitious, but to write a book.  Like Dr.King, I would like to see a change, but in peoples feelings towards their gardens. Knowing that my words can have an affect on someone and their garden, it creates an overwhelming feeling of fulfilment. Now that I have the taste I'm already chomping at the bit and working towards the next article, keen to submit and keep the momentum going.

So don't delay, rush out and pick up your copy of the September -October addition of Fine Gardening.  One day when my name is up in lights it might be worth something on Ebay.  You'll be able to say it was the place where the British Gardener took his first step towards gardening stardom.  Hey, we can all dream.

Follow this link to explore Fine Gardening website

Can't make it to the store, buy the current issue from Fine Gardening direct CLICK HERE


  1. Congrats! I let my subscription lapse but perhaps I'll have to pick one up at the store.

  2. Congrats! Now you need to continue your writing by submitting a longer piece to Country Gardens. If you look on pg 106 in the current issue, you'll see the area where regional experts have written articles similar to the piece you wrote for Fine Gardening. Good luck!

  3. Congratulations! I got the copy already a months ago here in India and was so stinking proud to see someone in there I knew! Actually our whole family was happy. :) Also loved your plant choices. Made me miss my garden a lot.
    Very happy for you - though not surprised you made it in there. All the best!

  4. Congrats! I will have to pick up a copy!

  5. Fantastic news! You deserve this publication. I understand your feelings. When I was published at, I thought I would explode from happiness.