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My wife says I have a way of using a made-up word sound real like 'Verticality', once used by your truly on a episode of HGTV Curb Appeal to describe a plants upright nature.  Now my latest creation is 'Phyto-crondriac', so good a word I'm thinking of submitting it to the New Oxford Dictionary for this coming edition.

An example of Rose rosette virus

What may you ask is a 'Phyto-crondriac', well simply put is a person who is over concerned with potential problems to a plant to the point of not growing it.  This was borne from a conversation I had with a customer who called to complain that his roses he brought contracted 'Rose Rosette Virus' after a few years of growing them in his garden.   Maybe this is a ongoing a rant from my 'Common Sense' posting a few weeks back but I fail to see how anyone else can be held responsible for something that happens in your own garden.

The claim is that we failed to communicate that the plant may be affected with something later in its life, which in turn makes us liable.  Of course, when the beginning of a conversation starts with the person telling you how many thousand of dollars his spent with you, you begin to get the feeling of how the rest of the phone will go and this one was a doosey!  One would question if anyone has told him of all the potential problems he could have growing a lawn or perhaps his decided to gravel the area to avoid issues later.  You can't hold back because of what might happen, sacrificing the beauty of a rose because one day it might get a disease, otherwise you'll have a garden full of nothing.  Another example, though extreme would be if wife gets sick, who will he blame then, the priest who married them or parents of the woman for not disclosing it could happen.  COMMON SENSE will tell you that anything that is living has the potential of contracting an aliment, that just life!  The irony is that they probably helped spread the virus by not sterilizing their pruners after dead heading or cutting back in early spring. I sometimes wonder how people became so rich and yet stay detached from reality, or, is having common sense whats holding me back?

So thank you to 'Mr. Thousand dollar, I live in Warrenton' blah blah blah, with luck 'Phyto-crondriac' will be included in the next edition of the the dictionary to honor your lack of common sense and reality about the living world around you.  Next we'll be suing McDonald's over a cup of hot coffee, oh wait......