Saturday, October 6, 2012

Quiet on the set.....and action!

I'm not one to blow my own horn but, toot toot!  My 15 minutes of fame has gone on a little longer than predicted, with now the release of my 'keepers' television commercial. This is the rough version, the one for airing still needed some airbrush work as I think there was some grease on the lens that made me look fat.  

 I've had more than my fair share of time in front of a camera, from appearing on the live Merrifield Garden Adviser on local cable, to being featured on four episodes of HGTV 'Curb Appeal' as a landscape designer.  The down side with all this filming over the years, is now I can watch how time has been unfair to myself.  Looking back, I've been able to watch the progression of my fine head of hair thinning out, while the joys of indulgence building up.  I blame the hair loss for the comfort eating, I'm a very sensitive guy!  Still, I now wear a cap just to make sure the rest of my hair doesn't blow off, though the cameraman claims it cuts down on the glare.  P.allen Smith doesn't have these troubles, though I wonder if his fine head of hair is real.  It never looks out of place, even on a windy day.

Pre-parenthood - Getting shiny on top but no gray hairs just yet

Though I sound like I'm complaining, it is a very nice perk of the job. You don't see many other companies having their employees featured on commercials.  I dread to think what would happen if a few places I know of did it, a blank stare is sometimes too much work for some of their employees!

If I was told all those years ago, that I would end up on television in a different country, I would've thought you'd been smoking crack.  Now, someone challenge me to run for president, anything's possible now!

"Don't look into the camera", but it's in my face!


  1. So that's what your head looks like! I've never seen it without a hat. :o) I had no idea you'd worked on Curb Appeal! What did your designs look like a month later? Did the owners take care of them? Great commercial!

  2. Go Robert! Cat's out of the bag now and your anonimity is at an end...You'll be a regular star now. Don't let the shine go to your head (wink, wink).